Maine Vacation/Photoshoot

I recently had some time off from my every day job to go visit family in Maine and adventure. We were blessed with perfect weather the whole week. My dad, stepmother, brother and sister live in a small town named Vienna in the Belgrade Lakes region. The people there are mostly friendly and the scenery provided more than I could ever photograph. I was able to get some great shots while adventuring, kayaking, and fishing right on my family's property.

Aside from Vienna I also got to visit some other wonderful places. Smalls Falls near Rangely, ME was one of them. I went there just about every year in my youth. It's funny to go back now and see how the waterfalls and cliffs still look big, but not larger the]an life like when I was young. Even the walk to our "secret spot" seemed like a quarter of the journey it used to be.

Even though I'd been there a million and one times, the special thing about this place is that it always brings something new. I had finally worked up the courage to cliff jump for the first time (mostly because I was being egged on by a kid no older than 8) and even slid down a waterfall with a natural waterslide. Something I had seen other people do for years and thought was completely insane. Amidst the beautiful scenery and the roaring, yet somehow calming sounds of the waterfalls we found some wild blueberries, sat back and relaxed for a bit, got some wonderful pictures and later enjoyed a delicious lunch at Parkside & Main amidst the small, quaint town of Rangeley.

The highlight of the trip though was Acadia National Park. I could have spent my entire vacation there and I would have never ran out of things to do or see. Smalls Falls was beautiful, but Acadia was awe-inspiring and breathe-taking. From the mountains, to the cliffs right on the water, it's really a photographers dream come true. I was actually disappointed at myself for the lack of pictures I took.

Being behind the lens is great and and it's something I'm beginning to enjoy more and more with every click of the shutter. Sometimes though, I do have to be selfish and enjoy the view for myself and Acadia makes it hard not to do that. The mountains steal your breathe, the waves wash away your worries, and the adventure itself fills you with such inspiration (and distracts you from doing your job!).

Even though I wish I had more time there I did walk away with some great photos and an amazing day with family and friends. The whole week had the same general feel to it now that I think about it; Great people, beautiful secenery, and as always in Maine, an amazing adventure. I will be back again soon!

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